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Shamanism is the direct experience of spiritual knowledge. The word Shaman is believed to have originated in Siberia it means, "One who walks between the worlds." Eventually the word was used to refer to indigenous medicine people whose practice involved contacting the spirit realm either for healing purposes or to divine information for their clients and society.

One reason an individual might seek out a Shamanic practitioner is to provide soul retrieval. Indigenous people believed that soul could not bear the direct impact of trauma, in order for the soul to survive, it would leave. Sometimes the soul would become fragmented and would not return entirely whole. The Shaman will travel to non -ordinary reality, aided with the Shaman's own familiar spirits and retrieve the soul pieces that had become fragmented. People often say they haven't felt like themselves since a specific event occurred, a break up, loss of a loved one, an accident; that phrase is a good indication that soul loss has occurred. A sense that someone took a part of you or wanting to return to a person or location that seems unhealthy could indicate soul loss. Feeling like you are going through the motions and not really living anymore is also a sign. Often there are symptoms associated: depression, addictions, sleep disorders, a feeling of being lost or incomplete, Inability to move past an issue, lost memories, chronic illness may have their origins in the spiritual realm.








The Power of Our Words
By Teri Fernandez-Mitchell

Every word we speak contains energy. Along with this energy is the power of the emotion of the thought that sent the word. Both of these together empower us to deliver the recipient a message that will resonate with them and through them. Then they speak to another sending word energy and emotion energy. This is the ripple effect of the power of our words.

In every conversation we have, we have the power to create a positive or negative ripple effect
of energy and impact not only to the original person we spoke to, but a mass number of people we may not even encounter. In being aware of this, it is in our own best interest to "ripple it the right way" and use empowering, uplifting, high frequency thoughts and words when speaking or conversing, not only because it will eventually ripple back to us, but if we have the potential to uplift and empower, impacting many, why would we choose otherwise?

The question is how do we know what kind of energy a word contains? Actually it is quite simple, when you think or say a word, feel the emotion that it creates within you, for example when you say the word "peace", how does it make you feel? Then try the word "love", then "hate". You can truly feel the difference in the frequency these words emit. The fact is, this is not only spiritual in its essence, it's also quantum physics.

Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment on the reactions of frozen water crystals when exposed to different words, thoughts and blessings, then photographed them. The results were fascinating and enlightening. In his book, "The Hidden Messages in Water" there are photographs of frozen water crystals in beautiful geometric formations after being exposed to the words "love" "gratitude" and "thank you". They were all different in form but all beautiful and intricate, perfectly symmetrical. The water crystals exposed to the words "hate" and the phrase "I'm going to kill you" were jagged and deformed looking, misaligned with dark colors in them. This discovery in itself was amazing to find that words alone carry an energy that the frozen water actually felt and reacted to.

So the question is, how, on a consistent basis do we maintain a high frequency word flow? There are five simple keys to follow that will keep you rippling your words the right way:

1. Start each day with complete gratitude.
An easy way to do this is when you awaken each day simple state....thank you, thank you, thank you.... for all my gifts and opportunities for love, light and lessons today.
No matter what is going on in your life this will start your day with gratitude and peace and only open the door for more of the same.

2. Be in a "service to others" state of mind.
If your mindset is in service, your word flow will be also.

To help you with this you can also say at the start of your day.....Let me today, empower another's way, in what I think, what I do, or the words I say. This also is a great way to help yourself feel striving toward your soul purpose, even though you may be in a job or life situation where you feel stagnant. Beginning the day with the mission to empower others will keep you mindful of the words you use and make you feel your working on your divine mission.

3. Keep in mind that other's negativity is their own

Because we are human, when someone directs negative words at us, we often react immediately in the same manner, which is because our ego takes over. In reality what we are actually doing is acknowledging their negativity as truth. When we give our ego control over our higher self, (which is our heart, soul and God connected self) we are reinforcing the negativity of that person, which is most times deeply rooted to fear.

Instead, before reacting, simply state in your heart and mind....I stand in peace, love and truth. Then you will handle the situation more calmly and effectively, and in most cases diffuse their negative state.

4. Avoid gossip and negative talk about others and yourself.

You cannot "ripple it the right way" and gossip about others. Negative talk about others, (even if it reflects who there are in their life) only creates negative energy, toward them and within yourself. In your mind simply state....I send only love and blessings and healing. This will resonate love within you and may even help that person. The same applies to speaking about yourself....never say "I am stupid "or" I am an idiot" You are a gift. Remember the words "I am" reflect God, (I am that I am)

So whatever you say after the words "I am" represents what you think of a creation of God.

5. Try to meditate, pray or connect to nature daily.
This is so important because we get so caught up in the routine of our daily lives that we forget our connection to source. When we remind ourselves that we are connected to the divine, our mindset is different. We know we are gifts on this earth, with a mission of the most highest order. Our thoughts and words are more loving and purposeful. When we think this way, it is much easier to have a positive, higher vibrational word flow, making it easy to use the power of words to "Ripple the Right Way".

Teri Fernandez-Mitchell is a published poet and author and owner of
Heart & Light Press
Custom Writing, Greeting Cards and Inspirational Products


Just for the Health of It
By Shelley D. Brienza

I had a nice chat with Randy, one of the owners of Just for the Health store of it. Let's just say, that there is more to this store than first meets the eye.

Are any of the products you sell endorsed by Dr. Oz?
Yes some are. We have a lot of weight loss supplements and herbal remedies that he believes in. We don't have all of them but we carry quite a few.

Besides offering gluten free products to people what else do you have?
We are selling a lot of natural vitamins and supplements. A lot of people need allergen-free products and we are trying to fill that void by carrying such products. Many people want to go a natural route in healthcare, instead of always relying on prescriptions and we try to sell things like that. We are mostly known for gluten-free foods but we actually carry a lot of other products. We often get surprised customers when they come in for the first time because they just didn't have the knowledge of all the products we do actually carry.

What are some of the goals you are trying to reach in the near future?
We want to try to let everybody know that there are alternatives, instead of going to the prescription drugs immediately, that there are definitely immunity boosting products out there that help boost the immune system. We are growing fast in that area as people become more aware or knowledgeable. So that is one big goal for us to educate the public on that.
If you follow us on Facebook, then you will see that we are going to have different products on there every week and try to explain what they are all about. We are going to highlight the values of them, which a lot of people are not aware of or have no idea.

Where do you get your knowledge from to share with the public?
We learn a lot from our customers when they drop in to shop here. We have it brought in everyday by everyday people. Our customers and the companies we work for are great sources, word of mouth and learning from the public, or from educated persons in this field. We do a lot of reading and studying on things. We're not herbalists, and we are not doctors. We are just trying to educate ourselves along with everybody else. I mean it's an endless learning process. So every day is a learning experience. We pass along information from our customers on how well our products have worked for them.

Do you have doctors that shop in here?
Yes we do have doctors and that is always great! For example: They send customers in for pro biotics or Vitamin D etc.

We even carry product for your pets. It's a huge problem with dogs with anxiety. We carry different products that help calm their nerves. We have a spray that goes on the dog's tongue and it goes into its saliva glands to work naturally to calm them down. It's very safe and it depends on the size of the dog how many sprays you use. People take this too. Actually it's a big seller. We have these lozenges {Pastilles} for people, that you put on your tongue and they dissolve slowly. You let it soak into your glands and it has a natural calming effect. Some businesses locally that have high stress levels use these frequently. This product is all homeopathic; all natural.

And that is what Just for the Health of It is all about...using natural, good for you, safe products that are healthy for you and effective. Be sure to stop on by to talk to Randy or Nancy, the owners and learn what's good for you to use.

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