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Communication, education, sharing and vitality. Sacandaga Digest Online Magazine supports positivity, creativity, discovery and growth for the mind, body and spirit. It is our goal to bring new ideas and new sources into our reader's lives. We want to provide a path for others to become educated and feel empowered to make health and wellness decisions in their lives.

Curious Corner Questions:

Shelley Brienza with Steffany Barton of Angels Insight

1. How can one learn to trust themselves when they are just beginning to receive messages from the other side? How do they really know that what pops into their mind isn't just a figment of their imagination? How do you separate these thoughts to lead you to a higher understanding of whatever messages may need to be heard?


It really does take practice, practice, and practice. But the single most important rule of thumb that I would offer is that divine guidance will always follow the three C’s.


Clear—It may be symbolic, but the language will always be straightforward and presented in a way that is acceptable to the received. It will always ring true


Consistent—The messages will repeat until understood. Divine information will remain single focused through time.


Concrete—True intuitive guidance will be attainable, practical, and focused on empowering steps to take in each moment. Intuition works in the NOW!

2. Is it true that if you meditate daily that you are more likely to be able to receive messages in an easier way than those who don't meditate?


No. Meditation certainly benefits us on every level, but it is not necessary to receive messages. What is more important is the willingness to be taught and the openness to be led.

3. What does it mean to become an Ordained Minister? How does this help you in your line of work?

It means that I filled out paper work, completed some essays, and received a fancy card and certificate granting me legal power to perform marriage and divorce ceremonies. I did it as an act of service for two of my clients who asked me to officiate their wedding. I am glad I did.

4. How do you handle people who seem afraid of hearing about topics of angels or spirits or "the other side"? Is there a way to help them understand better?


No. We each have our own time frame, our own readiness, and our own “stuff” to work through when it comes to accepting or finding peace with the Other Side. So, the best inspiration I can be is to live in alignment with my beliefs and to allow others to do the same. I trust in Love and I willingly and actively seek Source in all I do. That is, ultimately, the best and only thing I can to do reach another: to connect with the Love within me that connects us all. I trust!

5. If someone doesn't believe in God/Universe/One/Divine, can they still receive messages?

Yes. Absolutely. Belief is not required on the part of the receiver. I KNOW that this works. That is enough.

6. Are you a medical intuitive?



7. How does one find their spirit guides? Are they someone they know or have known?


That is the focus on my new Daily Om class, “How to Work With the Spirit World.” It may be someone you’ve known, but most usually, it is not.

8. If you think that you had a past life because something from the past just sticks in your mind and never goes away even though it makes no sense, does that mean you did have a past life? And if so, what help comes with knowing what you may have already experienced at another time?


Yes, and yes. If you read my newsletters and listen to the downloads, you can learn more about that very topic. It’s on my website.

9. What does it mean when someone feels like they've been somewhere before or read something before and you get "that feeling" come over you that you have been/done something already?


It means there is a vibrational resonance, either from past of future. It is a confirmation of familiarity.




Ony Yoga!
By Shelley D Brienza

I thought it might be good for me to write an article on Yoga and my experience with it as a first time class attendee. A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to try yoga in a class setting overlooking the Great Sacandaga Lake. I said sure why not give it a try. I need to get in better shape anyway and our plans to walk every day haven't exactly panned out.

Ony Antonucci, what a lady! She has so many talents, and she has this air about her that radiates such calmness and peace. She holds her classes at her home studio overlooking the Sacandaga Lake. It's a perfect setting to become grounded, which I've learned means to really feel the earth's goodness within, and re focus yourself away from all your daily troubles. Try to imagine yourself melting into the earth. It feels good to your body, soul and mind, and the room fills with this spirit of likeness. It's hard to put into words. You should try it.

What exactly is yoga? I certainly didn't know before recently buying a DVD on eBay to try it at home first. It taught me the basics, but it was like listening to a foreign language because I didn't understand the foundation of yoga.

Yoga is an ancient physical and spiritual discipline and branch of philosophy that originated in India reportedly more than 5,000 years ago. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means to yoke, join, or unite.
There is no written record of who invented yoga because it was practiced by yogis (yoga practitioners) long before humans knew how to write. Yogis over the millennia passed down the discipline to their students, and many different schools of yoga developed as it spread. The earliest written record of yoga, and one of the oldest texts in existence, is generally believed to be written by Patanjali, an Indian yogic sage who lived somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500 years ago. Patanjali is credited with writing the Yoga Sutras (sutra means "thread" in Sanskrit), which are the principles, philosophy, and practices of yoga that are still followed today.

Yoga uses asana (postures), focused concentration on specific body parts, and pranayama (breathing techniques) to integrate the body with mind and mind with soul.

So now you have a brief history on yoga. I am amazed at how many people regularly practice yoga. Yoga today is used for wellness benefits like stress reduction, quality of life, health conditions and specific ailments like back or neck pain.

Now my experience going into this class was a little bit nerve-wracking at first because I have an ailment. I have a bad case of Scoliosis. I have for many years been to a chiropractor for this condition and that helped immensely. Yoga is different than chiropractic work but can be a very effective alternative. I didn't consult my chiropractor for his advice first if it was a good idea for me to practice yoga. That is probably not recommended, but I am being honest. I figured if I have lived with Scoliosis ever since I was born then I know my body better than anyone and what limitations I have. And I do have some. And that is the great thing about Ony's class; she teaches you it is all right to have limitations. Yoga is about what you can do and not about what you cannot do. That made a huge difference to me.

Don't go by what you see on TV or in some magazines or books that offer such poses that you think what kind of benefit could that ever have on's not like that. It's the stretching you do that seems to be most beneficial. And don't think you will feel uncomfortable doing this because you thought it was affiliated with some religious group. It's just not like that. It has a religious background to it but I feel it is a non- denominational background. It originated from India remember, but it is more about a joining of persons within a like-minded goal.

However, I would recommend you discuss yoga with your doctor before starting if you have medical conditions like heart disease or high blood pressure and a host of other issues that only a doctor could advise you on. Ony is a yoga instructor that is highly trained, but she is not a doctor so just check it out first with them.

Ony also has taught at the Fulton County YMCA at 213 Harrison Street in Johnstown recently in conjunction with Healthlink Littauer. The YMCA's own Health and Wellness Director, Sheldon Howard, even took her class and stated he left feeling refreshed and relaxed as her teaching style has a wonderful warm, nurturing and upbeat style.

In my own words, I feel that after taking just two classes with Ony Antonucci my mood was better. I was definitely more relaxed in a deeper way than I even thought possible. All the tension just erased from my body as we did our cool down. She teaches you breathing methods that help to reduce stress and in today's society, I think we can all use some of that. My body just felt better. All this I thought, and without the use of medications to cover up ailments. It is all so natural.

Yoga is a great complement to aerobic and resistance exercise too. I highly suggest that you might give Ony Antonucci's Yoga class a try sometime. You might be really surprised at the benefits you experience. Even if you only have the slightest interest in yoga, I believe it's worth a try. Check out her website for more information or how to contact Ony.


Help for those sleepless nights

By Shelley D. Brienza


If you are like me, a woman in her mid 40’s, you might experience sleepless nights.  We are told there are many possible causes from peri-menopause to having that late night glass of wine to eating too close to bedtime. The list goes on and on. If you lie in bed with your mind racing, unable to shut off, or twist and turn endlessly, then I recommend trying some of these more natural remedies to find “la-la land”. If you have trouble falling asleep, try massaging your ears!


Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners advise insomniacs to rub their earlobes, which are loaded with powerful acupressure points using the thumb and index finger for 30 seconds, or until they feel hot. It is said this removes any blockages in the flow of qi, the body’s life force, and brings on a restorative sleep. And science backs this up too. It is supposed to help you experience less anxiety and fall asleep faster, reducing or even eliminating need for sleeping pills.


If you have restless sleep try sipping a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with water 30 minutes after dinner. Tests show this inexpensive home remedy improves sleep quality for 50% of tossers and turners. Apple cider vinegar mimics stomach acid to speed up digestion.


Switch off all electronics in your bedroom if you have your computer on in there. Turn off your cell phone too. These things can emit low electromagnetic radiation that interferes with the body’s natural sleep cycle.


If you wake up in the middle of the night try, drinking a hot cup of tea before bed. It helps you fall asleep faster and helps to keep you asleep. That credit goes to L-theanine, a phytochemical in tea that calms anxiety and stress. Research shows that loading up on tea through cup or capsule prepares your body for deep sleep and even lengthens the amount of time you are in stage 4 sleep, the most important restorative type of sleep.


On a last note, one other way shown to help you sleep at night is to sleep in the buff! Studies have shown that wearing your favorite pajama’s often interferes with getting comfortable. Keeping the body a bit cooler induces a better sleep.

Well Being of the Body, Mind and Spirit

By Shelley Brienza

Today I wanted to touch base a bit on our Body, Mind and Spirit section of the magazine. To me that represents the "whole you" in well-being. How can one take care of the whole self? There really are many options out there locally to help you do just that. Learn about each area and educate yourself to help make empowered decisions. Let's take a look here...

Body: Diet, Exercise, Health, Yoga, Reiki, Organic foods, Green living, Prayer, and so many more. Someone once said, "Treat your body like a temple-pray in it daily." There are so many aspects on which we could touch within the body section of the magazine/guide, but I cannot possibly do all that here. Where does your business fall into this category? What areas as a person would you like to learn more about?

Mind: There is Spirit Mind, your personal thoughts, your spiritual side, and then there is your Mind health. We will be exploring all of these areas.

Spirit: What does this mean? We will learn about this in the many forms there are to your spiritual health. We have the holistic way of life, your physical health or even your personal wealth. It's all tied together; alchemy, faith, meditation, astrology, angels, beliefs and the list goes on. What is your spirit health like today?

There you have it! A little information on some of the topics we will be discussing in our upcoming issues. If you are a professional person and would like to become a contributor to the magazine, please email me. I'd like to learn more about what you do and how you think you could help us educate the public on what is available today.

Have a blessed day!

When we pull together; we can all learn.....

Our Page Mission Statement:
The purpose of this page is to build a community of support and encouragement in your quest to lead a better lifestyle. From teenagers to seniors, the overweight, the over worked, we all benefit from exercise and better eating habits. This page will provide you with the choices and alternatives that you can make to become a better person. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family... do it today!

Nancy's Healthy Habitat

I recommend that you start buying Redmond RealSalt (ancient all natural sea salt).  It is packed with great minerals and it is not refined.  This is a great way to get your trace minerals.  I bought ours at our local Kroger supermarket.  You can also find it at your co-op or health food store. 

About two weeks ago my order for BarleyGreen Premium came and I added this to my diet. This is highly recommended by Dr. Lorraine Day, MD.  It consists of four different powders (young barley grass, beta carrot, beta beet, and fibre cleanse). They are priced individually. You mix it with water or raw juice and drink.  Easy and great for when I travel.  I purchased mine through  I found this to be the cheapest and shipping was free.

Also I wanted to recommend a fantastic book that I am currently reading.  It's called Politics in Healing by Daniel Haley.  You can check it out at your local library or buy a copy for yourself through amazon.  All I can say is WOW! 

My chiropractic visits have turned out to be a blessing from God.  I feel sooo much better now.  I look forward to my visits.  He is holistic so we have a lot in common. With my Dr.'s recommendation I recently purchased a Swiss Ball Pro from  Check it out.  I also bought some Fermented Cod Liver Oil (liquid) from my Dr.  He gets his from

Some other great websites I will pass along to you are:,, (The feingold Diet), and    

Have a blessed day!


Bettering Women’s Health Series

by Nancy McClymonds, VA


I purchased a book that my health food store recommended called An A-Z Woman's Guide to Vibrant Health (Prevent and Treat the Top 25 Female Health Conditions) by Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe . I highly recommend this book. I purchased if from Also, just last week I purchased a supplement called Wobenzyme N made by Garden of Life which is excellent for inflammation which is linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthiritis, and so on. This product is very well known in Europe and it is made in Germany. I recommend to read up on it. Anyway, with my purchase I received a small booklet on inflammation and the benefits of tumeric (curcumin). Another great book which I purchased from Amazon which is a great resource is Prescription for Nutritional Healing (America's #1 Guide to Natural Health, A Practical A-To-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Food Supplements) by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC.


Product Review:

We purchased the stainless steel Jack LaLane juicer from and it cost around $150.00. We love it! If you buy one I recommend you put a plastic liner in the plup catcher container. It saves so much time. Grocery store bags work great. I also recommend the book The Juiceman's Power of Juicing by Jay Kordich. A great book that will give you a solid background in juicing and really tasty recipes.

I can't stress it more, but the more you read on nutrition and health the more confident you will become in treating yourself naturally. The key is to make sure you get a hold of stuff that is well respected. I am more than happy to pass on any sources of info. that I may know about. If you have a good health food store in your area they can be a big help as well. Also, a natural foods co-op is great because they sell organic foods and support local farmers. We became lifetime owners of our city's Natural Foods Co-op and at the end of the year we get a check for profits made. We also get discounted prices on select items of the week.

Check out these resources

I did find out yesterday that baby carrots (organic or not) are bleached so it is best to buy whole organic carrots & cut them up yourself. Unpeeled is best.

Two great resources are as follows:

1 . A small booklet put out by better nutrition magazine presents (volume five), INFLAMMATION, THE WONDER SPICE SOLUTION, RESEARCH CONFIRMS HEALING POWER of CURCUMIN by Terry Lemerond, healthy living nutrition guide

2. ENERGY TIMES, ENHANCING YOUR VITALITY THROUGH NUTRITIONAL HEALTH & HARMONY. A monthly magazine given out for free at your local health food store.

I also have a pamphlet on a product called Zyflamend made by NewChapter. They are a very reputable company and they are working with Columbia University Research,, The Cleveland Clinic Research,, The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Research, Check out these websites.


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